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Boyd Issues 2021 ESG Report


Boyd recently issued its 2021 Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report. 

Keith Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boyd, said: “The tenets of ESG have long been a part of Boyd’s mission. Our latest ESG report provides a comprehensive look at how our Company is fulfilling our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, treating our stakeholders with respect and integrity, and consistently acting in the best interests of the communities we call home.”

The latest report highlights the Company’s continued progress advancing key ESG initiatives, including:
  • Continued reductions in energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, with cumulative water savings of nearly 1 billion gallons over the past four years;
  • Significant enhancements to the Company’s waste diversion and recycling programs, resulting in a Companywide waste diversion rate of nearly 50% in 2021;
  • Ongoing efforts to promote diversity in the Company’s workforce and purchasing programs, as Companywide purchases from diverse vendors exceeded 10% for the third straight year;
  • An overview of Boyd’s nationwide philanthropic efforts, including a $1.4 million pandemic relief campaign that benefitted 16 separate communities across the country.

To access Boyd’s 2021 ESG Report, please visit